CCTV Installation: Holmfirth

CCTV is a crucial surveillance technology employing cameras to monitor and record activities in specific areas. Used for security and safety, CCTV systems transmit signals to monitors, aiding in crime prevention and investigation and providing a vigilant eye for situational awareness and protection. 

NSWUK’s expert team ensures that every CCTV system, designed and installed, is capable of recording high-resolution video, delivering the utmost protection and peace of mind to property and business owners alike.

Nestled in the scenic Holme Valley of West Yorkshire, Holmfirth is a picturesque market town known for its stunning landscapes, charming architecture, and cultural vibrancy. Surrounded by rolling hills, it gained fame as the backdrop for the TV series “Last of the Summer Wine.”

CCTV installation in Holmfirth strengthens the town’s security infrastructure, prioritising the safety of its residents. The thoughtful integration of CCTV technology in Holmfirth reflects a commitment to community safety, preserving the town’s unique character while implementing proactive measures against potential security threats.

Whether safeguarding your business premises or securing your family home, NSWUK’s expertise in CCTV systems and installation can serve as a trusted guide to finding the most suitable solution for your specific requirements.

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The Wi-Fi Card communicates with SecureComm, HKC`s cloud based solution, via the HKC App and SmartLink700 software. SecureComm provides a heartbeat connection which will signal in the event of an interruption in the connection*.

*Dependent on IP signal from Router

HKC Alarm Fob

HKC Key fob

A very useful device for the end user to control their alarm system. Similar in size to an average car key-fob the RF Fob delivers a range of features from arming your system to raising a duress alarm.

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Derived from HKC’s highly successful, stylish and reliable RF-PIR detector; the RF-PIRCAM is fully wireless. It is available with a full colour VGA camera with built-in flash and delivers images to the HKC APP via their cloud-based SecureComm service.

The RF-PIRCAM is designed to send images via the HKC APP when an alarm is triggered. In addition, authorised users can request images from the RF-PIRCAM (subject to HKC’s fair usage policy).

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