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CCTV technology has come on a long way, particularly in the last decade. So much so that we no longer have to put up with grainy poor images that we are used to seeing on crime stoppers.

When used alongside additional security methods like burglar (intruder) alarms, CCTV systems really come into their own against theft and vandalism at work or home. Being able to monitor your premises via a smartphone/tablet app or a web browser is proven to deter criminals, as well as giving you the peace of mind you need in your building.

Here at NSW have installed high-quality CCTV systems across the whole of West Yorkshire and surrounding areas, providing our customers with tailored solutions suiting their individual needs. All our installs are fitted to the highest standard, with our engineers taking great pride in their work.


Every CCTV system that we design, and install is capable of recording high-resolution video.

CCTV images from a system that has been professionally designed can be used as evidence in a court of law.

For more information on the legalities of CCTV, see the ICO website.

Types of CCTV systems

There are two types of CCTV systems, analogue and digital.

Digital refers to the latest technology of CCTV which is IP. IP just means Internet Protocol; it is the same technology that is used for, as the name suggests for the internet in your home. These cameras can be hardwired or wireless, using your home wifi, or even in some cases a sim card,

IP cameras are very versatile and this has brought about a whole host of devices in the home like ring and nest cameras that are stand-alone devices sat on your home network.

Although IP CCTV cameras have been around for many years, the market has exploded of late with the big Chinese firms like Hikvision and UNIVIEW coming to the forefront and investing a great deal in research and development.

Analogue refers to all the older systems that would generally use a coax cable, like (but not the same as) the kind of cable that is run down from your TV aerial or satellite dish. Analogue CCTV can use 5/6 cable, the same as the IP CCTV but needs some special units called baluns, fitting on the cable.


There are pros and cons to both of these technologies and finding the right system for yourself is a daunting task, but with our expertise in all things CCTV we can guide you in the right direction so you can be assured you have the best system for your needs.

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