CCTV Installation: Penistone

CCTV is a vital security technology utilising cameras to monitor and record activities in specific areas. Employed for crime prevention and public safety, CCTV systems transmit signals to monitors, serving as a deterrent and aiding investigations. Widely used in public spaces, businesses, and homes, CCTV enhances overall security, offering a vigilant eye for situational awareness and protection.

Providing property and business owners with the highest level of protection and peace of mind, every CCTV system crafted and installed by NSWUK’s expert team captures high-resolution video.

Nestled in the Pennines of South Yorkshire, Penistone is a historic market town with a rich heritage dating back centuries. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, it boasts traditional markets, historic architecture, and a close-knit community. Penistone thrives as a vibrant hub, balancing its historical roots with modern amenities, attracting both locals and visitors seeking a blend of charm and convenience.

CCTV installation in Penistone fortifies the town’s security infrastructure, contributing to the safety of residents and the preservation of its historical assets. Strategically placing surveillance cameras in public spaces and commercial areas ensures a proactive approach to crime prevention. The implementation of CCTV technology in Penistone emphasises the commitment to community well-being, providing a tool for law enforcement while maintaining the town’s unique character. This integration fosters a sense of security and reinforces Penistone as a welcoming and protected locale.

For business owners seeking premises security or property owners aiming to protect their family homes, NSWUK’s knowledge and experience in CCTV ensures guidance toward the most suitable solution for every unique situation.

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The Wi-Fi Card communicates with SecureComm, HKC`s cloud based solution, via the HKC App and SmartLink700 software. SecureComm provides a heartbeat connection which will signal in the event of an interruption in the connection*.

*Dependent on IP signal from Router

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HKC Key fob

A very useful device for the end user to control their alarm system. Similar in size to an average car key-fob the RF Fob delivers a range of features from arming your system to raising a duress alarm.

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Derived from HKC’s highly successful, stylish and reliable RF-PIR detector; the RF-PIRCAM is fully wireless. It is available with a full colour VGA camera with built-in flash and delivers images to the HKC APP via their cloud-based SecureComm service.

The RF-PIRCAM is designed to send images via the HKC APP when an alarm is triggered. In addition, authorised users can request images from the RF-PIRCAM (subject to HKC’s fair usage policy).

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