Data Networks

In the past, home networks were mainly for technophiles, as most families had only one computer or could not afford more.

But nowadays, people use computers for various tasks like email, schoolwork, shopping, messaging, downloading, and gaming, making one computer insufficient for many households.

Thus, a home network is often necessary, not just a technical toy, when multiple computers are in use.

Many people now use wireless technology for Internet access, but it’s not as reliable or fast as hard-wired Cat 5e networks.

At NSWUK, we offer services to connect your Internet TV and extend your wireless network using Cat 5e cable.

Additionally, Cat 5e cable can send high-definition signals from devices like DVD players and Sky HD boxes.

For instance, you can use Cat 5e cable to achieve HD quality pictures from a Sky HD box in your living room on a TV in your bedroom, without paying for an extra box.

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