Monitored Intruder Alarm and CCTV.

Having been recommended to this client by one of our existing clients. They asked for advice on securing a property which was at a very high risk of been burgled. After our initial visit we provided the customer with a risk assessment and our system design proposal. In conclusion we proposed a Grade 3 intruder alarm with 24-hour alarm and CCTV monitoring with police response. Our proposal was accepted, and we had the property secure within two weeks. For all your security requirements, commercial or residential, look no further. We are SSAIB accredited so you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Why choose a monitored alarm?

Having your alarm monitored by a professional central monitoring station provides you with the best possible security solution. Your home is protected 24/7, which means you are still protected whilst you sleep or even on holiday.

Professional monitoring provides instant emergency response.

If there is an emergency at your home, an unmonitored alarm will simply sound an alarm. A crime could continue to take place or your house could still be on fire without anybody knowing. However with a monitored system the appropriate emergency service could be called saving your home for fire or theft.

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